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Kelley Quality above all

Industry Pioneers Since 1946

Welcome to the gold standard of quality, safety, and experience in industrial gas transport

High Pressure Gas Trailers 

The Kelley family has been at the forefront of the industrial gas transport business for over half a century.  Jack B. Kelley commissioned the world's first steel "jumbo" tube trailer in 1960 and his legacy lives on today with the KGTM type II and type IV composite tube bundles.  We offer an extensive fleet of equipment for lease.  Compatible gasses include CNG, Helium, Hydrogen, Methane, Nitrogen, and Oxygen.  Our equipment is always maintained to the highest standards and in accordance with DOT regulations.       

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Cryogenic ISO Containers 

In addition to type I, II, and IV tube trailers, KLP offers a fleet of Cryogenic ISO containers for lease.  Approved for intermodal transport and capable of carrying LIN, LOX, LAR, Ethylene, and LNG these units are ready to work globally.  With pressure ratings of 60 to 250 PSI we have a solution for your cryogenic liquid storage and transport needs.

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