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Although you may not realize it, we’ve been in business for a very long time.  The principals of Kelley Leasing Partners are pleased to continue the legacy brought forth by Jack Bryson Kelley.  For over 74 years, the Jack B. Kelley family of companies has been a worldwide industry leader in the transportation of compressed gasses and cryogenic liquids.  Jack B. Kelley, Inc. was established in 1946 and with the development of the jumbo tube trailer by Jack Kelley in 1960, the industry was forever changed.  We continue to pioneer today with Kelley Gas Transportation Modules (KGTMs) and other modern solutions while maintaining a steadfast commitment to innovation and safety. 

While our roots lie in type I (all steel) trailers, we’ve continued to push the boundaries of efficiency and volume by investing in new technology.  In 2012, Ken Kelley formed Kelley Leasing Partners (KLP) to provide leasing services for type II (steel lined with fiber glass overwrap) and type IV (carbon fiber) high volume trailers.  This includes our proprietary package known as the Kelley Gas Transportation Module (KGTM).  We also offer a fleet of Cryogenic ISO containers for your LIN, LOX, LAR, and LNG needs.  

With all our equipment now under one roof, we’re pleased to offer our customers the most comprehensive fleet of gas transportation equipment available today.  Principal team members include Ken Kelley, CEO:  Former CEO of Jack B. Kelley Inc. with 50+ years of industry experience, Bryan Kelley, President:  25+ years of industry experience, and Wes Knapp, CFO & Director of Operations:  CPA with 10 years of industry experience. 


We look forward to providing the same service and support that our customers have always been accustom to while maintaining the Kelley Family’s longstanding tradition of excellence and safety.


We sincerely thank you for your business.


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Phone: (806) 576-4595

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